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European Suzuki Association

Teacher Training & Examinations Manual

Revised March 2015





4. Course Assessment

Each year before the Examinations there will be a written progress report and a written

assessment on Performance and Teaching.

5. Viola Teacher Training Conversion Courses for Violin Teachers


Teachers who have passed Level 1 on the Violin may start the Viola course at Level 2.

An audition which includes playing the Book 1 Viola pieces is required and can be

done by video.


Teachers who have passed any of the levels from Level 2 - 5 on the Violin may follow

a shorter Viola Teacher Training Conversion Course - approximately one week. This

course covers Repertoire and Teaching Points for the appropriate levels, but does

not repeat those aspects of Teacher Training which have already been covered in the

Violin course.


Teachers are only eligible to take Viola Conversion Courses up to the Level which

they have already passed on Violin.


All candidates who wish to take the Conversion Course and the subsequent Viola

Examination must submit a video of their own performance. The performance

should consist of all Viola Repertoire played from memory, below and including the

level at which the candidate wishes to take the Conversion Course and Examination.

This video must be submitted prior to the Course.


Examinations for candidates who already have Violin qualifications will be conducted

in the same way as normal examinations. At Levels 3, 4 and 5 the examination

should, wherever possible, include the teaching of children at the appropriate levels.

6. Violin Teacher Training Conversion Courses for Viola Teachers

Any teacher who has trained and qualified on the Viola may attend a Conversion Course

for Violin as described above.

7. Continuous Professional Development Courses for all Teachers

See Appendix B4 Continuous Professional Development Course Registration Form

See Appendix C5 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificates


The ESA believes in an ongoing and never ending learning process and offers

Continuous Professional Development Courses as a part of the ESA Teacher Training

system for all Suzuki teachers in order to -


maintain quality Suzuki teaching throughout Europe


develop good role models for students and parents of students


support lifelong training and research for effective everyday teaching methods


provide further training and professional development beyond Level 5


provide opportunities for Teacher Trainers to offer courses focused on particular topics

Examples of courses

The Importance of Teaching Tone

Development of the Bowing Technique Book 1-10

Teaching Suzuki students beyond book 10

Teaching Practicum for SAA trained teachers