European Suzuki Association - Teacher Training (2017)

European Suzuki Association Teacher Training & Examinations Manual Revised 31 December 2017 Page 56 of 65 APPENDIX D1 INSTRUMENT COMMITTEES 1. There is a Committee for each Suzuki Instrument. 2. The number of Committee members and how the Committee is selected will depend on the number of Teachers Trainers for that instrument. Category No. of Teacher Trainers No. of Committee Members Elected/Appointed A Instruments with more than 20 5 Elected by Teacher Trainers B Instruments with less than 20 3 Elected by Teacher Trainers C Instruments with less than 3 3 ESA Board appointed as required 3. The Election of Category A and B Instrument Committee members will be by secret ballot. The Committee Member with the highest number of votes will be appointed Chairperson. 4. The approval of Category A and B Instrument Committees will be made at the ESA Board Meeting with the appointment being made at the ESA AGM 5. The term of office for Category A and B Members of the Instrument Committees is three years renewable. 6. Members of Category A Instrument Committees are able to stand for re-election only once. 7. Category C Instrument Committees will be appointed by the ESA Board on an application basis. Members can be Teachers or Teacher Trainers. 8. Role and responsibilities of the Instrument Committees a. The Chairperson of each ESA Instrument Committee is appointed ESA Representative on the ISA Instrument Committee b. Decisions of the Instrument Committees are taken by a majority vote, with the Chairperson having the casting vote. Teachers can appeal to the ESA Board against the ESA Instrument Committee decisions. The ESA Board must define an appeal process, which must handled in a neutral and professional manner ii.make a decision based on sound principles and ESA Statutes and Bylaws c. ESA Instrument Committees will be responsible for - i. the appointment of Instructors and Teacher Trainers according to ESA procedures in Section D of the ESA TT Manual ii. applications for ESA Recognition from Teachers and Teacher Trainers from other Regions according to ESA procedures in Section E of the ESA TT Manual i. The Instrument Committees are required to submit an Annual Report to the ESA Board for their meeting in March each year