European Suzuki Association - Teacher Training (2017)

European Suzuki Association Teacher Training & Examinations Manual Revised 6 December 2017 Page 56 of 64 APPENDIX D2 APPLICATION CRITERIA FOR INSTRUCTOR CANDIDATES The Candidate must satisfy the following criteria in order to apply for Instructor - 1. Letter of application to include – - personal reasons for wanting to become a Teacher-Trainer - nomination of a Teacher Trainer to be Supervisor throughout the Instructorship - an outline of the applicant’s plan for Instructor training (Appendix D5) if appointed 2. Resumé of professional experience listing any special awards, concerts, prizes, etc. 3. Successful achievement of Level 5 or equivalent Suzuki training in other regional associations on the instrument named in the application. 4. Professional degree in the Candidate’s instrument from a conservatory, university or other accredited Institution, or equivalent advanced musical training. Applications for Violin Instructor may present a degree in Viola Application for Viola Instructor may present a degree in Violin 5. At least 10 years teaching experience covering all levels of the Suzuki repertoire, as well as non-Suzuki repertoire on the instrument named in the application. The ESA Instrument Committee is allowed to make exceptions to this rule if the ESA Board judges this to be necessary in special circumstances. 6. References from three people who are familiar with the Candidate's work – a. two from Teacher-Trainers of the candidate's instrument preferably • one from the candidate’s country of residence • one from outside the candidate’s country or residence b. a respected musician 7. Video showing - a. Concert performances including one Book 1 pupil and one Advanced pupil who have studied with the Candidate for at least 2 years. b. A short talk or guided discussion on Suzuki philosophy with an audience. c. A group lesson. d. At least two individual lessons of pupils at different levels. Material : the teaching material used should exclusively be the most recent version of the core material of the respective instrument Length : each individual lesson should be at least 15min (lower level) and not longer than 45min (advanced level). The talk should be 30-45min. The group lesson shall be at least 30min Criteria: the videos will be assessed on the same criteria as the Suzuki Teacher Training examinations (tone, musicality, technique, memory, communication and knowledge of teaching points)