European Suzuki Association - Appointments & Accreditation (2023)

European Suzuki Association Appointments & Accreditations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 10 of 19 9. Videos showing - Either a. A concert performance and an individual lesson of Book 1 pupils Or b. A concert performance and individual lesson of advanced pupils who have studied with the Candidate for at least 2 years Candidates may not have students across all Levels at any one point in time, therefore they may choose which videos to submit with the Instructor application and which to submit with the Teacher Trainer application. Whichever of these videos is not submitted with the Instructor application, must be submitted with the Teacher Trainer application. c. A group lesson. All pupils in the videos should be of the instrument on which the Candidate is applying to become an Instructor. An introduction to the pupils should be given at the beginning of each recording e.g.  How long have they been taught by the Candidate?  Are they still being taught by the Candidate at the time of the recording?  Have they always been taught by the Candidate? Material: the teaching material used should exclusively be the most recent version of the core material of the respective instrument. Length: a. one concert performance of Book 1 pupils individual lessons of Book 1 pupils (15-20 minutes) b. one concert performance of Advanced pupils individual lesson of advanced pupils (30 – 45 minutes) c. one group lesson (30 minutes) Please do not include tuning and lining-up pupils in the videos Criteria: the videos will be assessed on the same criteria as the SUZUKI™ Teacher Training examinations (tone, musicality, technique, memory, communication and knowledge of teaching points). Teaching style: The Instrument Committees expect to see a lesson taught according to the main principals of the SUZUKI™ Method:  Positive environment  Reinforcement of the basics on all levels (posture, tone production)  Parents’ involvement  Mother tongue approach (imitation more important than explanation with emphasis on listening in a suitable manner for each level) 10. English language mastery is recommended but not a requirement.