European Suzuki Association - Appointments & Accreditation (2023)

European Suzuki Association Appointments & Accreditations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 17 of 19 APPENDIX E2 RECOGNITION OF TEACHERS WITHOUT APPROVED ACCREDITATION 1. Evaluation of qualifications All applications from Teachers without approved accreditation will be referred to the relevant ESA Instrument Committee. Where necessary the ESA Instrument Committee may co-opt additional Teachers to help with the assessment. The ESA Instrument Committee must do the following - a. Assess the background, previous training, long or short-term course Certifications of the applicant and check these with the applicant’s regional association and at least one of the SUZUKI™ Teacher Trainers involved. b. Decide the ESA level which is equivalent to the specific training of the applicant. c. If necessary, seek the advice of an ESA Teacher Trainer to assist in judging the quality of the applicant’s teaching. d. Where appropriate, advise applicants to seek ESA Teacher Training. e. The ESA is at liberty to seek consultation from the national Suzuki association where the applicant intends to work and share any relevant information with them, including the application documents and videos. 2. Recognition of Teachers who have followed long term Teacher Training Courses The recognition of Teachers who have undertaken long term or apprenticeship training in another region will usually be based on the recommendation of their Teacher Trainer(s). However, in some cases further proof of ability and experience may be required. 3. Applications from Teachers who have completed SAA Units but have no Practicums ESA Practicum Not all SAA Teachers have taken a Practicum and therefore do not meet the requirements of ESA recognition. The ESA now offer a Practicum Course based on the SAA Practicum Unit to enable SAA Teachers to qualify for ESA recognition. See Teacher Training Manual Section B 8b Alternative to Practicum In the event that the ESA Instrument Committee establish that an ESA Practicum is either not available in a reasonable time frame or not appropriate to the application, SAA applicants for ESA Recognition will be invited to attend an ESA Teacher Training Course over a period of three weekends in order to  Observe Teacher Training at a variety of ESA Levels  Teach and perform An assessment of the ESA Level of the applicant will be made by the Course Director and a recommendation made to the relevant Instrument Committee. The applicant may be asked to pay a nominal fee to cover observation, assessment and any administrative time for the Course Director.