European Suzuki Association - Examinations Manual (2022)

European Suzuki Association Examinations Manual Revised May 2022 Page 6 of 24 This allows for three possible options – • In-person exams as per normal procedures. • Hybrid exams via video conferencing with some elements being in-person and some recorded. • Recorded exams via video conferencing. Exams to take place in the best possible circumstances with a good internet connection. For best quality sound, an external microphone is recommended. Guidelines on recording of Teaching as follows – • Angle of the camera must show the student’s hands. • The closest possible camera placement should be used which includes the student’s entire body. • The teacher should be visible during much of the lesson. • Whenever possible, include the parent as well. These exceptions apply until 31 May 2023 but can be revoked at any time should the situation change before that date. Procedures for May 2023 onwards will be confirmed in due course. b. The Examiners should be from three different countries. c. In very exceptional circumstances only will it be possible for two Examiners to come from the same country. The second Examiner from the same country must not have been involved on a regular basis in the Teacher Training of the candidates being examined. d. No visiting Examiner should serve for more than four consecutive Examinations for any one course. e. In the event that a country has invited a foreign Teacher Trainer to conduct the Teacher Training Course, an Examiner of the same instrument resident in that country can be invited as one of the Examiners, if such a person exists. f. For new SUZUKI™ instruments, different rules regarding Examiners will apply during an interim period until the Teacher Training Course is fully established. g. In Viola Examinations, one of the Visiting Examiners as well as the Home Teacher Trainer/Examiner must be Viola Teacher Trainers. The third examiner can be a Violin Teacher Trainer who is experienced in playing and teaching the Viola. h. In Voice Examinations, all three of the Examiners may be Voice Teacher Trainers regardless of their country of residence.