European Suzuki Association - Examinations Manual (2023)

European Suzuki Association Examinations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 20 of 23 APPENDIX C4 TEACHER EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE PROCEDURE The Examiners complete all sections of the Teacher Examination Report Form at the end of the Examination. 1. The Home Examiner takes two copies of page 2 and one copy of page 3 2. The Home Examiner should retain a copy of page 2 and 3 3. The Candidate should be given the original completed and signed form 4. The Home Examiner should send a copy of page 2 to The ESA office by post or email – European Suzuki Association Administrative Office 45 Main Street Upper Benefield Peterborough PE8 5AN, ENGLAND 5. An email will be sent to the Candidate with a letter of congratulations and a pdf of the ESA Exam Certificate attached. For Level 5 examinations, a Diploma will be sent in the post. 6. Examination results are published on the ESA website