European Suzuki Association - Teachers Newsletter Vol 36 2016

2 European Suzuki Association Teachers’ Newsletter Volume 36 2016 Editor Sue Wimpeney Next publication date 1 November 2017 Deadline for copy 1 October 2017 Official Publication of The European Suzuki Association Ltd (ESA) a Company Limited by Guarantee No 1476933 Honorary President Dr Haukur F. Hannesson Chairman Martin Rüttimann Administrator and ESA Office Sue Wimpeney 45 Main Street, Upper Benefield, Peterborough PE8 5AN, England Company Secretary & Registered Address Martin Wood, Gross Klein Wood, 75 Park Road, Peterborough PE1 2TN, England The ESA Board of Directors Officers Chairman Martin Rüttimann Deputy Chairman Anke van der Bijl Treasurer Michał Gawroński Honorary Secretary Kristīne Rāviņa Country Directors AUSTRIA Andrea Mugrauer-Beis BELGIUM Wim Meuris DENMARK Anne Dorte Laub Busk ESTONIA Janne Vasser FAROE ISLANDS Jón Festirstein FINLAND Marja Olamaa FRANCE Christophe Bossuat GERMANY Flora Gáll GREAT BRITAIN Helen Brunner ICELAND Sarah Buckley IRELAND Trudy Byron-Fahy ITALY Marco Messina LATVIA Kristine Rāviņa LITHUANIA Sabina Kalibataite NORWAY Anne Berit Halvorsen POLAND Bartosz Henrych RUSSIA Olga Sapryigina SOUTH AFRICA Andrea Vermeulen SPAIN Eunice Cordero SWEDEN Sven Sjögren SWITZERLAND Patricia Rüttimann TURKEY Ayça Budak Country Representative GREECE Lina Tsaklagkanou Page Chairman’s Column 3 2016 Board Meeting & AGM Summary 4 2016 Honorary Member Appointment 5 ESA Honorary Members 5 2016 Teacher Trainer Appointments 6 2017 European Suzuki Viola Gathering, UK 8 2018 European Teachers Convention, Iceland 9 The Misfortune of having a Competitive Heart 10 European Suzuki Teachers Convention, Poland 11 European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust 12 Give a Child a Teacher 13 British Suzuki Institute Gala Concert 14 Concert in Wrocław, Poland 16 Continuous Professional Development Courses 17 Suzuki in Zimbabwe 18 ESA Website 20 Teacher Trainers/Examiners & Instructors 22 Table of Contents Future ESA Events The huge success of the European Suzuki Convention in Davos, Switzerland in 2015 demonstrated the vitality of the Suzuki Community when they come together and the energy that is generated by that. This is what will propel the ESA into the future and grow the Suzuki Method™ throughout the region. Regular events will nurture this growth and renew motivation. The plan is for ESA to have a schedule of regular events - • ESA Teachers Convention every 2 years • ESA Teacher Trainers Convention every 4 years • European Suzuki Childrens Convention every 4 years (including a pro- gramme for Teachers) This will give - • Teacher Trainers their own regular event • Teachers the opportunity to attend something 3 years in every 4 • Children their own regular event - The schedule for the next four years would look like this - 2017 ESA Teacher Trainers Convention TBC 2018 ESA Teachers Convention Iceland 2019 11 th European Suzuki Childrens Convention TBC 2020 ESA Teacher Trainers Convention TBC However, maintaining this programme does entirely depend on the willing- ness of national Suzuki associations to host these events and provide an Organising Committee to work with ESA Admin. The Committee would be responsible for finding a venue, getting a quote, deciding on a theme, drawing up the programme and selecting the Faculty. ESA Admin would be responsible for all financial matters, publicity and registrations. For the European Suzuki Childrens Conventions, the Organising Committee would be responsible for the whole project, including finding sponsors to help with funding. Please contact the ESA Office if you would like to help your country host an ESA Convention. Engage, collaborate, and share THE MISSION of the European Suzuki Association (ESA) is to further Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's approach to education. The organisation's area of operation is Europe, the Mid- dle East and Africa, as decided by the International Su- zuki Association of which the ESA is a member. The cornerstone of maintaining quality in Suzuki teach- ing is the provision of quality Suzuki Teacher Training.