European Suzuki Association - Teachers Newsletter Vol 36 2016

21 : members Exam results can be displayed by - • Previous 12 months • Year (2015, 2016 etc) • Instrument • Teacher’s country of Residence • Exam Level The information whish is displayed for each exam is - • Date of exam • Location of exam • Name of exam candidate (Teacher) • Teacher’s country of Residence • Instrument • Level passed • Examiners 1,2 and 3 (Examiner 3 is always the Home Teacher Trainer) On input of the Exam Result, a Letter of Congratulations and a pdf Exam Certifi- cate is automatically generated and emailed to the Teacher. For Level 5 a printed Diploma is posted to the Teacher. The benefits of membership for both Teachers and Countries are listed on the home page of this section. Under the sub headings, you will find all the guidelines and forms you will need for your work as a Teacher or as a Teacher Trainer - Articles Written by Suzuki Teachers Teacher Training • Teacher Training Syllabus • Teacher Training & Examinations Manual • Teacher Training Examiner Fees • Teacher Training Course Agreement • Teacher Training Course Registra- tion Form (Independent Courses) • Teacher Examination Report Forms • Teacher Examination Certificates • How to apply for Instructor • How to apply for Teacher Trainer • Continuous Professional Develop- ment Course Registration Form Use the contact form to send an email to the ESA Office if you have a ques- tion, would like some information, need clarification, would like to give some feedback or just to say ‘hello’ - we are always happy to hear from you. Log in to the members sec- tion. Check your profile is up to date (change of address?) Access all the information and documents you need as a Suzuki Teacher. EXAM RESULTS MEMBERS CONTACT Click here to see the latest edition of the ESA Teacher Training Manual. Check that you are working to ESA pro- cedures. Instrument Committees • ESA Instrument Committees • ISA Instrument Committees • Policy for ISA Instrument Commit- tees • Policy for New Instruments Organising Workshops and Summer Camps ESA guidelines for organisers Organising Worldwide Conventions ISA Policy Local Language Translations ISA approval process for translations of Suzuki material Copyright & Membership The Suzuki Method is Trademarked. This section explains about ownership of the Trademark, ISA Suzuki Name Agreements and ESA Name Agreement Sub-Licences Ethical Guidelines Annual General Meeting Minutes of the last ESA AGM