European Suzuki Association - Teacher Training Manual (2021)

European Suzuki Association Teacher Training Manual Revised May 2021 Page 24 of 34 APPENDIX B7 SECE TEACHER TRAINING SYLLABUS 2017 The ESA SECE (SUZUKI™ Early Childhood Education) Syllabus was developed in 2017 as a guidance document for National Suzuki Associations and ESA teacher trainers to provide appropriate course outlines for SUZUKI™ teacher training. This syllabus represents significant agreement amongst the teacher trainers of Europe on the common elements required for teacher training and it is expected that the material contained within it will be used as a foundation for all ESA SECE courses. SECE LEVEL 1 Recommended minimum contact training hours = 25 hours Contact hours should include observation of SECE lessons to a maximum of 5 hours Requirements: European Suzuki Association Membership 1 and Audition 2 1 Membership of national Suzuki association (NSA) in the country of residence or Individual Associate Membership of ESA where there is no NSA. 2 Course participants must have at least ESA Level 2 in one of the recognised SUZUKI™ Instruments plus 3 years of experience as a SUZUKI™ Teacher. If these conditions are fulfilled no further audition is required. 1. Module 1 1.1. SUZUKI™ Philosophy 1.1.1. Introduction of the 7 SECE Concepts. 1.2. SUZUKI™ Performance 1.2.1. Basic knowledge of the SECE curriculum. 1.3. SUZUKI™ Pedagogy 1.3.1. The SECE curriculum and its goals. 1.3.2. The team teaching approach. 1.3.3. SECE equipment: Selection and use of the material. 1.3.4. Preparing to launch an SECE class (advertising etc.) 1.4. Parent Education 1.4.1. The pre-natal and post-natal environment. 1.4.2. Early beginning and benefits of SECE 1.5. Supervised Teaching with children 1.5.1. Teach (min. 3) excerpts of an SECE class under the supervision of your home TT 1.6. Observation 1.6.1. Observation of (min. 5) lessons during the training course.