European Suzuki Association - Appointments & Accreditation (2023)

European Suzuki Association Appointments & Accreditations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 14 of 19 APPENDIX D5 COURSE CONTENT FOR TRAINING OF INSTRUCTORS 1. Observation of experienced Teacher Trainers running courses in the Instructor's own country and abroad. 2. Familiarity with the structure of a Teacher Training course. 3. Familiarity with the administration involved in a Teacher Training Course as outlined in the ESA Teacher Training and Examinations Manual. 4. Observation of examinations and ability to write about or discuss examination procedure and responsibility. ** 5. Organising Workshops and teaching on them. Sharing knowledge with other Teachers, including Teachers of other instruments. ** 6. Supervised teaching of adults on a Training Course. ** 7. Giving talks or demonstrations about SUZUKI™ Method to Teachers or parent groups. 8. Continued study of early books and application of SUZUKI™ philosophy. 9. Continued learning of additional repertoire and advanced techniques. 10. Further development on any points raised by the Instrument Committee through Feedback on the Videos submitted for the Instructor Application ** This part of the training to be carried out with the Instructor’s Mentor and at least one other Teacher Trainer.