European Suzuki Association - Appointments & Accreditation (2023)

European Suzuki Association Appointments & Accreditations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 15 of 19 APPENDIX E1 RECOGNITION OF TEACHERS WITH APPROVED ACCREDITATION 1. Automatically approved qualifications for A Membership The following will be routinely accepted as A members, subject to full checks of their credentials - a. All SUZUKI™ Teacher Trainers who have been appointed or recognised by other Regions b. Graduates of the Talent Education Research Institute in Japan (TERI) c. Teachers who hold full Diplomas from the Pan-Pacific Suzuki Association (PPSA) d. Teachers who trained on a long term University Course approved by the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) and obtained a Masters degree. Other qualifications may be added to the list following further research by the ESA Instrument Committee or the ESA Qualifications Committee - - Diplomas from certain long term courses in the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) - Specific qualifications from Asia Suzuki Association (ASA) - Specific qualifications from Talent Education Research Institute (TERI) Any additions require approval by the ESA Board or Directors. In the meantime, all other applications will be assessed according to the rules in Appendix E2. 2. Automatically approved qualifications for B Membership The following accreditations for all SUZUKI™ Instruments will be automatically recognised at the appropriate levels as set out in the table below. Once ESA recognition is given, any teacher from another Region living and teaching in the ESA Region is expected to continue their SUZUKI™ Teacher Training within the ESA Teacher Training Program. Pan-Pacific Suzuki Association PPSA (Suzuki Talent Education Association Australia + New Zealand) PPSA Accreditation Equivalent ESA Level ESA Recognition Entry Level for ESA Teacher Training & Exam Certificate III (Primary level) Covers repertoire of ESA Levels 1, 2 and part of 3 Level 2 Level 3 with minimal preparation Certificate IV (Intermediate level) Equivalent to ESA Level 4 Level 4 Level 5