European Suzuki Association - Appointments & Accreditation (2023)

European Suzuki Association Appointments & Accreditations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 3 of 19 D. APPOINTMENT OF INSTRUCTORS and TEACHER TRAINERS 1. The ESA Instrument Committees See Appendix D1 Instrument Committees a. The appointment of new Teacher Trainers and Instructors will be carried out by the ESA Instrument Committees. b. The ESA Instrument Committees will consist of 3 - 5 Teacher Trainers who have been elected by the ESA Teacher Trainers. c. The term of office for ESA Instrument Committees is three years. d. In dealing with applications from Teachers of newer Instruments, the ESA Board of Directors will consult ESA Teacher Trainers for those Instruments as appropriate. e. In addition to the specific responsibilities detailed below, the Instrument Committees will serve as an Advisory Board to both the national Suzuki associations and individual Teachers. 2. Instructor Appointment as Instructor is formal recognition of having the skills, attributes and commitment to becoming a Teacher Trainer. Requirements a. Qualified to ESA Level 5, or equivalent in another Regional Association b. Minimum 10 years teaching experience as a qualified SUZUKI™ Teacher 3. Mentor A Mentor is a Teacher Trainer of the candidate’s choice who is an experienced and trusted advisor. To assist the candidate in preparing for Instructor, the Mentor should – a. Create openings for the candidate to teach on Workshops at home and abroad b. Allow observation of Teacher Training Courses c. Organise opportunities where possible for candidates to train teachers under supervision d. Keep an open line of communication for discussion, feedback and advice  Can the candidate teach Twinkle to teachers to a high standard?  Is this candidate willing to serve the SUZUKI™ Community? 4. Preparation Before applying for Instructor, a period of preparation with a Mentor is required so that the candidate can –  Establish a clear understanding of what is involved in being a Teacher Trainer  Identify whether they are suited to the role of Teacher Trainer