European Suzuki Association - Appointments & Accreditation (2023)

European Suzuki Association Appointments & Accreditations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 4 of 19 Candidates should - a. Invite their Mentor to observe their teaching, pupils’ recitals and parent talks b. Observe Teacher Training courses c. Video their work, ideally with teachers, and discuss with their Mentor d. Discuss their potential to be a Teacher Trainer with their Mentor 5. Application for Instructor a. Candidate applies to the ESA Instrument Committee to become an Instructor. See Appendix D2 Application Criteria for Instructor Candidates See Appendix D3 Procedure for processing Instructor Applications The ESA must register the success or failure of each application and communicate the outcome to the Candidate as well as the national Suzuki association for their information. See Appendix D4 Instructor Application Form b. If approved, the candidate is then appointed as an Instructor by the ESA Instrument Committee. c. Instructor appointments are only valid when the ESA has sent a confirmation letter to the Candidate, confirming that the requirements have been fulfilled. d. The Instructor spends a period of at least two years in which he/she - i. observes and helps on ESA-recognised Teacher Training courses ii. attends a minimum of two examinations, one of which is on the Instructor’s own instrument iii. gets experience from every possible source. See Appendix D5 Course Content for Training of Instructors 6. Application for Teacher Trainer After a training period of two to four years, the Instructor may apply to become a full Teacher Trainer/Examiner. a. To apply, the Instructor must present – i. A formal letter of application ii. A brief up-to-date Curriculum Vitae iii. A brief account of the work undertaken during Instructor Training iv. Any videos which were not submitted with the Instructor application v. A video of the candidate training teachers vi. A detailed report from the Instructor’s Mentor covering –  all points listed in Appendix D5 Course Content for Training of Instructors  essential skills such as communication, team building and organisation  ability to be a good role model to trainees in terms of playing, teaching and applying the SUZUKI™ Method Philosophy vii. Two letters of recommendation from ESA Teacher Trainers supporting the appointment. These letters should confirm - - The Instructor's involvement with Teacher Training activities - The Instructor’s observation of at least two examination sessions - these should be at different times and in different places if possible