European Suzuki Association - Examinations Manual (2023)

European Suzuki Association Examinations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 6 of 23 e. In the event that a country has invited a foreign Teacher Trainer to conduct the Teacher Training Course, an Examiner of the same instrument resident in that country can be invited as one of the Examiners, if such a person exists. f. For new SUZUKI™ instruments, different rules regarding Examiners will apply during an interim period until the Teacher Training Course is fully established. g. In Viola Examinations, one of the Visiting Examiners as well as the Home Teacher Trainer/Examiner must be Viola Teacher Trainers. The third examiner can be a Violin Teacher Trainer who is experienced in playing and teaching the Viola. h. In Voice Examinations, all three of the Examiners may be Voice Teacher Trainers regardless of their country of residence. 4. Examination rules The Examinee must – a. Take all levels in progressive order. b. Know all Teaching Points at the level presented and be prepared to answer questions on all previous Levels. c. Have a thorough knowledge of all pieces in the level, having previously studied and memorised them. d. Give a child a lesson. 5. Examination Pieces See Appendix C2 Examination Pieces a. All set examination pieces must be played through in full unless the Examiners indicate that they are satisfied with an Examinee’s performance. b. Examinees may be asked to play the Twinkle Variations in an examination at any level. 6. Children in Examinations a. Teachers should always try to find children of the highest level at which the Examinee is being examined. b. Parents should be present with their children in the examination where appropriate. c. The external Examiners will choose the piece to be taught from the child's repertoire. 7. Observers in Examinations ESA recognised Instructors & Teacher Trainers and ESA Officers & Administrators must be allowed to observe examinations in all instruments but must be passive observers and not enter into any decisions made by the Examiners.