European Suzuki Association - Examinations Manual (2023)

European Suzuki Association Examinations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 7 of 23 8. Examination Descriptors If, in the opinion of the Examiners, any of the following exam descriptors are not achieved to a satisfactory standard, then this could be considered appropriate grounds for not giving a ‘Pass’ at any examination level. a. Understanding Every Child Can / Mother Tongue philosophy b. Demonstrating concept of tone – Tonalisation c. Applying key concepts of Listening and Repetition d. Knowledge of Repertoire and Teaching Points e. Attainment of Memory appropriate to the Level f. Relational Teaching with Child/Parent g. Demonstrating technical security appropriate to the Level h. Performance ability appropriate to the Level i. Demonstrating commitment and readiness to teach at the Level 9. Examination Results See Appendix C3 Teacher Examination Report Form a. The decision of the Examiners is final. b. The Examiners may make a majority decision in the case of Levels 1-4. c. For Level 5, their decision to pass a candidate must be unanimous. d. An Examinee who has failed may re-sit the examination. It is advisable to attend the full Teacher Training course before re-sitting the examination. If the examinee is unable to re-join the course full-time, the Course Teacher Trainer will decide what amount of participation is necessary before the examinee may re-sit the examination. 10. Examination Certificates See Appendix C4 Teacher Examination Certificate Procedure See Appendix C5 Teacher Examination Certificates and Diploma