European Suzuki Association - Examinations Manual (2023)

European Suzuki Association Examinations Manual Revised May 2023 Page 8 of 23 11. Validity of Examinations Only Examinations conducted according to the ESA procedures will be considered valid. If, for any reason, the ESA Teacher Examinations cannot be held according to the ESA procedures as stated in section C above, the Home Teacher Trainer is required to – a. inform the ESA office at least 8 weeks prior to the date of the examination. b. In the event of something unexpected (e.g. illness or late arrival of an Examiner) the Home Teacher Trainer should inform the ESA Office directly after the Examination has taken place. Exceptions to the ESA procedures for Conduct of Examinations will require approval by the ESA Chair. 12. Continuous Assessment Continuous Assessment evaluates a candidate’s progress throughout the Teacher Training Course and can be used as an alternative to the final examination system. a. At the beginning of the Teacher Training Course, the Teacher Trainer appoints two Examiners for the duration of the course. b. During the Teacher Training Course, the Examiners are sent – i. videos of the candidate’s playing ii. videos with the candidate’s teaching iii. other work of the candidate as appropriate c. The Examiners have the possibility to comment on the work sent to them during the Course. d. At the end of the Course, the Examiners confirm a Pass/Fail with the Teacher Trainer. e. The Examiners may send other comments to the Teacher Trainer or can decide on a common formulation in the ’examination report’ by a three-way meeting online. f. The Teacher Trainer finalises the paperwork and sends the completed Examination Report to the ESA Office to process. g. Continuous Assessment Examination Reports are processed in the same way as those for Exams and with the issue of Certificates and publication of results on the ESA website.