About Us

converting flat files into ineteractive page-turning e-brochures

Digital-e-Brochures Limited is based in Chorley in the heart of Lancashire.


We were formed to help businesses realise the potential of the electronic publishing media and reap the inevitable benefits that new technology can bring. We are based in Central Lancashire with easy access to the motorway network and the technology centres of Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Preston and Chorley.

Since our formation in 2006, the landscape of electronic documentation has radically changed and we have grown with it. We started off producing simple electronic documents that were basically read-only versions of word documents.

Ebooks from Digital-e-BrochuresWe then adopted the DNAML standards to provide truly interactive, page turning e-brochures. These required, however, that a specialist reader had to be downloaded on each PC to enable the e-brochure to be opened and read. This meant that their mass appeal was drastically reduced.

We have now adopted the page-flip standard which means that the e-brochures will run on vitually all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, iphone and android) without the need to download any reader/software or without the need to create individual versions for specfic devices.

Our e-brochures are truly responsive, and come with a host of features to enhance the reading experience.

We can also provide versions that can be written onto CDs or USB sticks to enable you to send out targeted information to specific clients.

We are also committed to your on-line privacy. To see how we do this please read our on-line privacy policy here.

For more information, please call Mike on 07962 897277 or email: info@digital-e-brochures.com