Secure Your Data!

On-line backup service from Digital-e-Brochures

How would you manage?

If you lost your computer data due to fire, theft, flood or other disaster – would your business survive? We provide an on-line backup service to secure your data.

In a DTI report of 2005, it was stated that: “70% of business that suffer a MAJOR DATA LOSS go out of business within 18 months.”

To help ensure that never happens to you, Digital-e-Brochures can provide you with a proven and reliable on-line backup solution.

On-Line Backup Solutions from Digital-e-BrochuresWe provide expert, reliable and cost effective data back up services for small, medium and large businesses. Based on secure and proven technology, we help to ensure comprehensive protection against risks associated with data loss, whatever the cause.

Simple and automated On-line Data Backup securing your data and protecting your business, delivering: –

  • Low Cost, high level data protection
  • Safe, off-site storage mirrored across multiple locations
  • Total Security with password-encrypted data

Plus :

  • Custom-tailored packages to suit your business which is budget-based services – you only pay for what you use
  • FREE data retrieval at any time
  • FREE technical support
  • FREE 30-day no obligation TRIAL

So you enjoy :

  • Fully automated operation – removes risk of human error
  • Less hassle – eliminates tape-to-disk problems
  • Complete assurance – your data is permanently protected
  • Greater peace of mind – data recovery if you have a problem
  • Value for money – highly cost-effective service


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