Features of Digital-e-Brochures


Digital-e-Brochures offer more than flat files.

Digital-e-Brochures (or e-brochures, e-books or page-flip documents) are fully interactive 3D, page turning forms of catalogues, manuals, brochures, photo albums etc.

They have many features that allow you to have stunning electronic documentation for your business. Here are just a few: –


Your Digital-e-Brochure - page turningInteractive

Digital-e-Brochures are interactive, 3d page-turning e-books that mimic normal reading by simple clicks or dragging the the pages to turn them over. In addition embedded hyperlinks will also work.

Embed video into your Digital-e-BrochureVideo

Enhance the quality of your Digital-e-Brochure by embedding video within a page. Ideal for user manuals, technical documents and company information.

Integrate your Digital-e-Brochure to your e-commerce systemE-commerce

If your website already has e-commerce, why not link your Digital-e-Brochure to the e-commerce system to allow your readers to buy items whilst reading the brochure?

 Digital-e-Brochures are responsive and run on most mobiles and tabletsResponsive Design

Digital-e-Brochures have a resposive design which means that they can be run on most devices including PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones and most mobile devices.

Customise your Digital-e-Brochure with your own skinsCustomise your Digital-e-Brochure

Digital-e-Brochures allow us to tailor the look and feel of your e-brochure. You can select either a hardback or paperback cover and select from a wide variety of  ‘skins’ or use your own custom design.

Search your Digital-e-BrochureSearchable

Unlike many flat files, Digital-e-Brochures are searchable for specific words or phrases. Not only that you can book-mark pages for selective printing and downloading (if enabled).

email your digital-e-brochureDistribute Your e-brochure

You can send email links to your Digital-e-Brochure that is on your website or even (by prior agreement) on our website. You can even distribute stand-alone versions on branded CDs or memory sticks.

Upload your Digital-e-Brochure to the cloudUpload to the Cloud

As well as uploading your Digital-e-Brochure to your website we can also upload it to an on-line directory of publications to get a wider audience for your publications.

Share your Digital-e-Brochure with othersShare your Digital-e-Brochure

You can share your Digital-e-Brochure with the usual social media outlets, but you can also allow your e-brochure to be shared on your clients websites as well!


For more information, please call Mike on 07962 897277 or email: info@digital-e-brochures.com